Munsell's Poultry Processing
6131 Mason Rd.
Fowlerville, MI 48836
(517) 375-9908

Please read over to know what is expected at our facility.

Remember to call in advance to book your appointment.  We will not accept birds that are not on our list.  For Thanksgiving, spots fill up very fast, book in the spring!  Summer months (July and August) and November are the busiest.  Please call at least 2 weeks in advance, this is necessary to schedule a USDA inspector to be on site that day! 

Please do not bring too many or too few birds.  We schedule our workdays very carefully to ensure we have enough work for our employees and maintain a safe working environment.  Please let us know ASAP if there is a number difference so we can adjust our schedule.​​

The night before your appointment, take the feed away.  Animals need to be at least 15 hours off feed before slaughter.  This helps reduce potential contamination!

Suggested options for transportation include covered trailers, wood boxes with ventilation, poultry crates, etc.  No cardboard boxes please!  Call us if you need help with other ideas to transport animals!

Some problems that could occur while loading your animals include wing bruising, smothering, heat stress, broken bones and escaping.  It is very important to catch the birds in the calmest manner possible.  At night or in the early morning is the best.  Always pick up and hold by the body or by the feet, NEVER the wings!​​​​

​​Drop off is between 7:00 - 8:00 am only!
  Make sure to arrive early.  Please understand we start at 8:00 am.  When you arrive late you are taking away our attention from other orders that we are processing.  We close the doors at 8:00 am, if you arrive after that time you will need to unload your crates, fill out a Customer Order Form and tag your crates. 
We apologize for any inconvenience with this but we have had many issues with people showing up late.

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason.  We cannot process diseased, dead, or dying animals.  If we find any suspect areas of meat, we will trim away any suspicious areas as directed by the USDA inspector.  Any abuse of animals will not be tolerated.  Abuse includes kicking, carrying the animals in unnatural positions, overcrowding, starvation or indifference to suffering.

​When you arrive at the facility please fill out a Customer Order Form.  This form informs us on how you want the birds cut, any additional services such as giblets, neck and feet and how you would like them bagged.

Birds with dirty breasts and keels may be delayed until the last batch to avoid cross contamination.  If there is any question about the health or quality of the animals, the facility and the USDA will determine if they will be condemned or delayed for slaughter.  There will be a $150 charge for sanitation and disposal if you bring sick or diseased animals.  There are always runty birds, especially in the Cornish Crosses and Broad-Breasted Turkey lines.  They are not sick, they just do not thrive very well.

Pick up is between 4:30 - 6:00 pm.
Bring boxes, coolers or other transportation means for your meat.  We do not supply these or ice.  Before you pick up your meat, we must be assured that you can maintain the meat at 40 degrees F or below.  We do not freeze!​

Due to space constraints, there are no provisions for long-term cooler or freezer storage on-site.  If prior arrangements have been made there will be a $15 fee for any birds picked up a day late.  The products will be frozen when picked up.  We do not take any responsibility for birds left.

What to expect back -
​*YOUR ANIMALS!  All animals are carefully traced throughout the process so you are guaranteed the return of your meat.  We use a tagging system, it is as simple as pulling out the tag before you cook.​
*We will condemn birds that are not healthy; this could include cavity fluid, diseased organs, etc.  The fee will remain the same and no credit will be given.​
*The poultry should be clean with an occasional feather at the hock, under the arm or edge of wing.
*If you have birds that sit around all day and eat, the skin on the breast may have 'acne' appearance - follicles with embedded dirt.  If any have injuries to their breast we might cut it away.
*If you have too many roosters, some of the hens may have skin damage.
*Turkeys will eat anything shiny, glass, screws, electrical contact, pvc pieces, fence staples, and gun shells.  These all can damage the wall of the gizzard and the muscles of the meat.
*You may pay for anything that takes extra time from the basic services.​​​​​

​​​If you must enter our facility you are required to wear a hat or hair net.  You will also need to fill out the Guest Entrance Form.   

The facility cannot process certified organic poultry or rabbits at this time.​​

Poultry necks, feet, hearts, livers and/or gizzards are available occasionally.  Please call for availability.  ​​

Please check out these forms: